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Kevn Kinney & Anton Fier Living Room NYC Residency:

At 11pm on the first three Tuesdays of December, I will be presenting an amazing ensemble of musicians and songs at the Living Room in NYC. Joining me will be Anton Fier, Andy Hess, Jim Campilongo and Tony Scherr!! An incredible line-up, to say the least! The birth of this project began about two years ago; in the midst of a 75 week residency at Shayni Rae's Truckstop, Anton and I began recording new material in New York City. For bass we recruited Andy Hess, whom I had known from his collaborations with Govt Mule. Anton then brought in Tony Scherr for a song or two... and he pretty much ended up sticking around for all the recording sessions, shaping the would-be album in his post modern wanderings of the blues. After 25 years as leader of Drivin N Cryin, I feel strongly that this nearly-completed album, to be released in 2011, definitely will be one of the "got to have its" of my career. Jim Campilongo, as everyone should know, is THE guitar genius on the lower east side with a regular show every monday at the Living Room. And so, for the first time ever we bring this powerful group of uniquely talented musicians to you direct and live!! I encourage you to treat yourself to a night out that can ONLY happen at New York City's LIVING ROOM!

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