Truckstop Atlanta (July 6, 2010) DVD available

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Truckstop Atlanta (July 6, 2010) DVD available

Postby king_rhoton » Fri Oct 15, 2010 12:17 am

Whew, the long nightmare of working through this show is finally over. These new Truckstops are an entirely different beast from the NYC versions.

How can I say anything pithy about such a wide selection of performers? Sheesh. Kevn does an amazing extended version of "A Good Country Mile" and my favorite new song, "The Challenge". And the MSGers finally perform in Atlanta, and their new CD might feature a video from this Truckstop. We'll see.

This is the same offer as always: send your request (please note the title you want--this is the "Atlanta Truckstop" show) and the address where you'd like the disc sent (please split your address into multiple lines for readability) to me (, and your disc should be sent out shortly. All DVDs are NTSC, region 0, and not copy-protected. International requests are gladly accepted, but spelling and clear formatting really help! As always, the complete list of discs we distribute is

Set Lists (hope you've got a lot of free time):
Kevn Kinney opening:
1) Standing on the Street
Kevn Kinney: vocals, guitar

Super Hooligan:
1) Outside
2) The Stone
Lee Sebastian: vocals, guitar
Lucian Seth Turner: guitar
Allison Shockley: bass
Greg Washington: drums

Ocha la Rocha:
1) Circle Round
2) Dearest Lady
3) Slow Rollin'
Johnny la Rocha: vocals, guitar
Taylor Crowell: guitar
Spencer Garn: bass
Lucas Fuentes: drums

Anna Kramer:
1) I've Got Nothing
2) Man in Love
3) Stormy Weather
Anna Kramer: vocals, guitar
Taylor Crowell: bass
Rich Hinman: pedal steel
Lucas Fuentes: drums

Will Rogers:
1) Never Again
2) Back to the Bottle
3) Drink, Drank, Drunk +
Will Rogers: vocals, guitar
Rich Hinman: pedal steel
+ w/Tim Nielsen: bass
+ w/Dave V. Johnson: drums
+ w/Kevn Kinney: backing vocals

David Franklin:
1) Suddenly, She's All I Can See
2) Miles Away
3) Warm Blanket +
David Franklin: vocals, guitar
Nelson Nolen: mandolin
Rich Hinman: pedal steel
Tim Nielsen: bass
Kevin Morrison: guitar
Dave V. Johnson: drums
+ w/Abby Owens: vocals

Laney Strickland:
1) Lonely Side of Town
2) Moonshiner's Son
Laney Strickland: vocals, guitar
Rich Hinman: pedal steel

Kevn Kinney:
1) Gotta Move On
2) The Challenge
3) In the Land of Things That Used To Be
4) Wild Dog Moon
5) Set in Stone
6) Powerhouse
7) Ain't Waiting on Tomorrow +
Kevn Kinney: vocals, guitar, harmonica
Tim Nielsen: bass
Aaron Lee Tasjan: guitar
Anton Fier: drums
+ w/Laney Strickland: guitar

Abby Owens:
1) Juanita
2) Indiantown
3) The Last Man
Abby Owens: vocals, guitar
Vic Stanley: guitar
Derry DeBorja: keyboard

Connor Christian:
1) Fiddler on a Roofie
2) Evangeline
3) That Ole Jukebox
Connor Christian: vocals, guitar
Jeff Spirko: fiddle

Back Row Baptists:
1) Pills and Kerosene
2) Me and the Devil
Chris Porter: vocals, guitar
Sarah Green: washboard
Jay Taylor: stand-up bass
Jeff Spirko: fiddle

Pete Stein:
1) All out of Silver
Pete Stein: vocals, guitar, harmonica

Matt Woods:
1) Johnny Ray Dupree
Matt Woods: vocals, guitar

Madison Square Gardeners:
1) Santa Monica and Vine
2) My Ex-Girlfriend Is a Bad Lesbian on Drugs
3) Lightnin' Don't Strike Twice
4) Don't Stop Lovin' Me
5) On the Run
6) Young and in Love
7) Three Marlenas
Aaron Lee Tasjan: vocals, guitar
Mark Stepro: bass
John Kengla: guitar
Rich Hinman: pedal steel, guitar
Bryn Roberts: keyboard
Rob Heath: drums

Kevn Kinney All-Stars:
1) Which Jesus
2) A Good Country Mile
3) Clown +
4) Dueling Banjos *
5) Straight to Hell +*
Kevn Kinney: vocals, guitar, harmonica
Tim Nielsen: bass
Aaron Lee Tasjan: guitar
Anton Fier: drums
Rich Hinman: pedal steel
+ w/Cale Davis: vocals, guitar
* w/Laney Strickland: guitar

Glad to have this one finally in my rearview. Next up: D'oh: another Truckstop?!
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